I have been witness to and now personally experience too much rule breaking and favoritism going on at Dallas Dr Pepper StarCenters (DPSC) to remain quiet anymore. I have a short video with interviews from few months ago and a letter that was sent out to DPSC among many others from students and parents.

This August 2016 DPSC made a sudden decision to let expire all active freestyle punch cards within a 2 month period on October 31, 2016, effective across all their branches in DFW.

Here are some problems with this:

  • These freestyle cards were sold without an expiration date. 
  • DPSC did not contact me or any other freestyle card holder that I know of about this decision.
  • My coach, one of the most poplar coaches among kids and parents, who has helped numerous kids with behavior issues, that other coaches at DPSC refused to teach, many with ADHD, was officially banned from teaching at Euless and all other DPSC locations starting February of this year. A refund for these punch cards was denied to her and her students, even though DPSC said they would if a skater was no longer able to skate at their facilities. Myself and many others who followed her to another local rink unaffiliated with DPSC, where she is allowed to coach, had invested money in freestyle passes so that we could take lessons and practice choreography with our coach. DPSC is well aware of this.
  • It's a hazard for lower level kids to skate among girls considerably more advanced without our coach's supervision. I'm worried about  all the low level little kids who are also trying to skate with teenage girls who are aggressively dominating the rink. 
  • Following my coach's recommendation, I tried selling my freestyle punchcard on all 4 skate swap pages on Facebook, because punchcards are transferable. However, with the expiration looming close I still have not one person interested in the 6 punches I have left. I'm certain this is the experience other kids' parents are having too.


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