Weekly Outfit Recap

Brighton the Day 7/12 8:47A megan hopkins
This week has honestly been a bit nuts with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale happening, but I wanted to be sure to include a weekly outfit recap because several of the fits I wore are perfect for the transition from summer to fall. Obviously, we re...

The Benefits of IV Therapy for Wellness and Restoration

Euless BubbleLife iReporter 7/10 10:00P Hannah Pittman
Imagine a busy executive racing to meet endless commitments while battling fatigue and diminished focus. In their demanding world, energy levels and mental clarity are essential for peak performance...

What I Bought from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Brighton the Day 7/10 11:28A megan hopkins
The 2024 Nordstrom Anniversary sale is HERE, y all! You might remember from previous years, but typically I like to spend all morning doing a massive try-on in the Nordstrom store. Then, I ll come home and share everything I bought. I ve been...


Euless BubbleLife iReporter 7/10 1:58A Dana Cobb
The nonprofit Broadway Dallas is best known for presenting the most popular and critically acclaimed touring Broadway shows to North Texas audiences, including the most recent national tours of ...

My Worship Playlist

Brighton the Day 7/9 8:09A megan hopkins
From time to time, I ll share a song from my worship playlist on Instagram. Whenever I do, I always get requests to share the full playlist. So, here it is! I ve curated this playlist over several years. These are songs that either hold some...

A Look at What I Wore In Miami

Brighton the Day 7/5 5:00A megan hopkins
I ve gotten so many questions about what I wore in Miami, so I figured a full blog post would be great. I won t lie, there s something about vacation that inspires me to put together some cuter looks than normal. For instance, HOW GOOD is this...

June Amazon Best Sellers

Brighton the Day 7/4 9:18A megan hopkins
Amazon best sellers for June are in, y all! There were several repeat offenders from the May Amazon best sellers list plus some newbies this month. I can t even remember how many months in a row these flat lay clips have made the best sellers...

How Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Aids Healing

Euless BubbleLife iReporter 7/3 10:00P Hannah Pittman
Hyperbaric oxygen treatment is a powerful tool for enhancing health and well-being, much like charging a rundown battery to restore its full capacity. It involves breathing pure oxygen. This therapy...

Weekly Summer Outfit Recap

Brighton the Day 6/28 6:51A megan hopkins
It s me with a weekly summer outfit recap. When it comes to a summer outfit, I m really looking for two things: is it comfortable and will it keep me cool? If it s cute, I m counting those as bonus points. This week s looks checked both boxes. If...

Collected Living

IBB Design 6/27 8:30P Will Smith
My favorite type of environment to create is one that feels collected. Starting with the neutral and textural grasscloth walls, I knew I had to The post Collected Living first appeared on IBB Design .

My Favorite Investment Jewelry Pieces

Brighton the Day 6/27 4:00A megan hopkins
I get so many questions about the jewelry I wear every day. It s taken me a minute to write a post about my investment jewelry pieces because some of them are made with family diamonds and aren t linkable. But I m linking everything I can,...

July Shines Bright at the Monument Realty PGA District

Euless BubbleLife iReporter 6/24 10:33P Kelly Hunter
North Texas premier entertainment hub, the Monument Realty PGA District , has a full schedule of fun events for everyone in the family to enjoy this July at the Omni PGA Frisco Resorts 660-acre...

Medical City Denton hosts blood drive for sickle cell patients

Euless BubbleLife iReporter 6/24 5:30A Dana Long
Medical City Denton Hosts Blood Drive DENTON In partnership with the American Red Cross, Medical City Denton is hosting a blood drive on Friday, June 28, from 10 a.m. 4 p.m. with a special focus on recruiting donors of African or African American...
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